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Seriously GREAT Pizza...Delivered with a PUNCHLINE!


It has always been a dream of ours to go back to our roots of Italian Cuisine, reminding us of our old neighborhood pizza joint.  We have been fine-tuning crust & sauce recipes, some making their way here a century ago from Italy.  We hope you enjoy them as much as our families have.  


We are a local ownership group with 25+ years of restaurant and hospitality experience.  No Joke Pizza features an elevated Italian Menu & Guest Experience that combines flavors from the Northeast served with Southern hospitality.  We’re excited to serve you our scratch made pizzas, baked with the finest ingredients and served in exciting and fun combinations.  Pizza might be in our name, but the rest of the menu deserves the same recognition with delicious classic Italian pastas, mouth-watering sandwiches and fresh salads.  Soon, beer & wine as well! 


Our philosophy is to enjoy food with friends and family…

Great Food, Good Laughs, Enjoy Life!


We look forward to serving the Charlotte market for years to come!



Kyle Gibson         Craig Calcasola                      Rich Calcasola          Dave Ludwick 



No Joke Pizza – Joke of the Day

What did the pizza say at the end of the party? - Good Pie!